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Remind yourself why we're fighting to save our planet as if our lives depend on it: because they do. 

And check out these other amazing organizations who are fighting with us!

Partner with us

Are you a non-profit or business leader looking to build a partnership?

Reach out to us and let's explore how we can work together.


Is not the only organization striving to save our planet or change our industry.

Open Stage Project

Open Stage Project’s mission is to close the gender gap in backstage and offscreen careers.


WE SERVE: Public high school women, non-binary, and gender non-conforming* students passionate about behind-the-scenes careers.

Materials for the Arts

If you are an artist looking for a greener way to create your own work, MFTA could be a major resource for you! They function as a nonprofit that has collected 1.7 million pounds of reusable materials and distributed them for free to schools, city agencies, and nonprofits with arts programming. They work hard to have a positive impact on the arts community in NYC.

Grow NYC

Grow NYC helps NYC residents cultivate clean and healthy communities, by building/rejuvenating gardens, creating composting programs, holding clothing collections and stop ‘n’ swap events, and so many more other opportunities throughout all 5 boroughs. A monumental goal, and one we fully support here at FSC! Volunteer with them, or request support for your neighborhood! #letsgrownyc

Big Reuse NYC

A stop by Big Reuse is ALWAYS worth the trip. Located in Brooklyn, Big Reuse is a non-profit thrift and consignment store, dedicated to fighting climate change and achieving zero waste. They collect donations from the community - anything from clothing and records to kitchen cabinetry to raw hardwood lumber slabs - and sell them as is at affordable prices.

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