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To create lasting change, it's going to take the next generation.

Become our next
Final Strike Intern!

One of the most rewarding and engaging programs we offer is our Educational Internship! We work directly with college students to help them gain ownership of their work, lead projects, build portfolio pieces, network with professionals in their field, and earn class credit as an added bonus. 

We don't have a set curriculum because we'll work together to design it with you!

How does the internship work?

  1. Apply: Fill out our application 3 months before your desired semester. 

  2. Wait: Our team will review your application to ensure we can provide you with an awesome, worthwhile semester. 

  3. Design: If selected, you will meet with your Education Director to discuss life goals, dream careers, and expectations.

  4. Learn: We will kick off the semester with a fully planned and designed curriculum that will allow you to own a project with the support of our team, network with professionals through our Coffee Connection Program, get feedback on your resume and portfolio, and send you off into the workforce with unmatched experience!

Choose a semester that works for you, and fill out our application today!


Build up your portfolio, expereience and connections before heading into the summer or graduation.


Spend the summer with us earning credit and industry connections!


Start off the school year owning a project and making a difference!

Sprint Semester

Does your school offer semester outside of the "normal" schedule, so do we!

I had the privilege to spend my J-term as an intern with Final Strike Collaborative under the guidance of wonderful Vice President and Designer, Karly Hasselfeld. My entire experience was so rewarding — in just one month, I researched and completed four grant applications in order to further fund Final Strike Collaborative’s mission to make the theater industry more sustainable through the upcycling of old set materials. I began illustrating a short story to describe this creative process and how integral it is to the preservation of both the environment and its storytellers. I even had the opportunity to network with seven professionals from all over the world, writers and illustrators in a creative as well as technical setting. I now have a stronger sense of the career avenues open to me and the many ways I can pursue my passions of writing and drawing as I graduate and enter the workforce. 

Genuinely, every single person I’ve met at Final Strike Collaborative has gone out of their way to help bolster my own opportunities and experiences. They are a network of kind, creative spirits who care about the world, about art, and about doing everything they can to simply make this planet a better place to live in. I’m so grateful to have found this community and am excited to share in their future efforts to inspire more sustainable practices in the world of entertainment.

Maddie T. 

Spring of 2024

  • Eliana is on her way to becoming an amazing set designer, art director and all around creative powerhouse! 

    She will be persueing a carreer in film an telivision after graduation and even though we might have to share her talent we can't wait to see which lucky organization gets her! 

    Eliana - Art Direction and Digital Media

  • Maddie spend a fast paced three weeks with us where she wrote 3 grants, illustrated a short story in Mental Canvas and networked with 7 professionals from Utah to Rome!

    She will be persuing a carreer as an author, grant writer, and artist and we feel so lucky to have her part of our team.

    Maddie - Grant Write and Illustrator

What are our interns up to now?

We look forward to meeting you!

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