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To change an industry, it's going to take education and support. We offer both.

Artist in Residence

Explore our Artist in Residence program, offering a three-month opportunity for selected artists to work with our sustainable materials and resources. Sell your creations on our platform, earning 75% of the sales, and benefit from exposure and promotion.

With three seasons—Spring, Summer, and Fall—artists can apply for this enriching experience.

Click the link to learn more about the application process.

Educational Internships

Join our Educational Internship program for a semester of learning and hands-on experience. What makes a Final Strike Collaborative internship special? We work with you to design the semester that fits your interests and professional goals.


Build your skills, connect with professionals in the fields of your interest, and set yourself up for success in your dream field.


Ready to start? Apply now, and let's make this semester awesome!


Attend a hands-on workshop where people can come together to learn practical skills like carpentry, woodworking, glass cutting, painting, and more.


Our goal is simple: empower everyone to utilize materials and tools efficiently and prevent unnecessary waste from reaching our landfills. Join us for a fun and informative experience, turning creativity into sustainability, one workshop at a time.


Learn valuable skills, reduce waste, and be part of a community dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment.

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