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Our materials and collections have a story, each shaped by the talented artists who bring them to life. 

Introducing the
Spring Artist in Residence of 2024

Ray Huth

I am a professional actor based out of NYC, with a BFA in Drama from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. When not working on a film, stage production, or commercial, I fill my time by working as a production carpenter for Off-Broadway. I love working with my hands and discovered woodworking as a wonderful marriage of both my artistic skill set and my carpentry skill set. I am also an avid reader and lover of books!


You can follow me at and @rayhuth.


My collection this season is very in tune with what kind of products I would want to bring into my own home. Simple, natural, practical. I find when those three things are blended together they bring out an intrinsic beauty. I want these pieces to fit into their environment and bring the user satisfaction with its simplicity and reliability.


After this season with FSC, I will go into rehearsals for Shakespeare On The Sounds production of Romeo & Juliet. Where I am very excited to play Tybalt and Friar Laurence. I will also continue my training with the Blue Man Group in hopes of joining their ranks in 2025. I also look forward to spending some off time with my amazing wife and rescue pup.

Want to become an Artist in Residence? 
Choose a season that fits your schedule and apply today!


Spring into creativity where our artists blossom with sustainable inspiration!

Applications Due: February 1st

Residency Timeframe: March 1st - May 31st


Soak up the creative rays of a sustainable and creative summer!

Applications Due: April 1st

Residency Timeframe: June 1st - August 31st


Fall in love with crafting sustainable creations from materials that tell a story.

Applications Due: August 1st

Residency Timeframe: Sept. 1st - Nov. 31st 

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