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Our mission is to eliminate waste produced in the entertainment industry by salvaging materials from theaters, film sets, businesses, and individuals, otherwise destined for landfills, and repurposing those materials into works of art, furniture, and home décor.


Pounds of salvageable material have been saved from the landfill.

And counting!


Productions and shows who've donated to us.

And counting!

Change an Industry

Be a driving force for change with us! Join our mission to repurpose materials from the entertainment industry, rescuing them from landfills and transforming them into artful treasures. Volunteer, join our team, or spread the word to make a tangible impact. Let's turn waste into wonder and redefine sustainability together. Act now to be a part of our transformative journey!

Commission Work

Nothing thrills us more than getting to collaborate on a sustainable project with the person it’s meant for! If you have a project you think one of our creators can bring to life, let’s chat.

Final Strike Collaborative strives to eliminate the waste produced by the entertainment industry by promoting eco-conscious consumerism.

Sustainable Staples

To shop our most popular items, select what you want and we'll start production right away! By making our products to order, we are ensuring that each and every product you purchase will be uniquely yours.

Get Involved

There are so many ways to get involved with our mission: participate in events and workshops, volunteer with our shop, or become a collaborator. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Support Our Mission

Help us improve not only Broadway but the entire entertainment industry! Donate money, tools, or materials to FSC and keep our mission alive. 

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