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  • Tri-Tiered Display Tray
  • Tri-Tiered Display Tray

Tri-Tiered Display Tray


Tired of only being able to find 2 tiered display trays? We know, we are too. Introducing our vey own Tri-Tiered Display Tray! 3 times the displaying and organizing power than your single display tray. Running about 12" long and 9" wide, this display tray can sit on nightstands, coffee tables, and counters galore! Get yours today and ready your display!  

  • This plywood was originally used as part of the theatrical production Hot Wing King at Signature Theatre in 2019. The show only ran for a week or so before the pandemic shut it down. It sat in the theatre, unused for a year, and unfortunately it was not able to reopen when the theatre industry started back up again. The crew of Signature called Final Strike Collaborative to collect the materials as they struck the show a year later. We are so glad they did, because this material is perfect for products like this! Through their donation we were able to keep ~50 sheets of plywood from the landfills, and that's a huge win in our books.

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