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  • Laptop Bag

Laptop Bag

This item will be back in stock soon!

This impeccably designed laptop bag is available for PREORDER today! Jen made this. Jen is one of our volunteers, and an absolute wiz when it comes to the design and creation of anything made from fabric! She signed up to help us expand our repurposing powers to the genre of textiles, and this bag exceeded all of our expectations! Made to carry the average sized laptop, this bag features a lovely front pocket to hold necessary accessories and a vintage button clasp to keep it all together.
While this prototype is made from muslin and 70's vintage fabric scraps Jen had in her own workshop, it was designed with the intention that future bags will be made from repurposed theatrical textiles. Get ready for bags made from backdrops, costumes, curtains and more!

  • Each bag is made from donated theatrical textiles. We’ve upcycled them, and turned them into this trendy yet functional bag! Since we never know what kind of fabric will be in stock upon your purchase, we can't guarantee color or pattern, however we can guarantee quality of creation! If you have questions about this product, feel free to contact us before purchasing.

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