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  • Hanging Earring Holder
  • Hanging Earring Holder

Hanging Earring Holder


Let's hang out - and accessorize! Using old window screens, organic died hemp, and plywood from donated materials, these baddies are designed so you will never miss out on the perfect pair of earrings for your fit, because you'll be able to see and access them all at once! It bears a low impact on your wall space as well. Total dimmensions read 10" tall, by 10.5" wide, and 1.5" thick, yet this small screen can fit up to a whopping 16 pairs of dangly earrings easily (and I mean, the grid is yours to decide, if you wanna squish on more by all means do it! They just might not be as easy to grab off.)

  • Theatre Showcase!*This plywood was originally used as part of the theatrical production Hot Wing King at Signature Theatre in 2019. The show only ran for a week or so before the pandemic shut it down. It sat in the theatre, unused for a year, and unfortunately it was not able to reopen when the theatre industry started back up again. The crew of Signature called Final Strike Collaborative to collect the materials as they struck the show a year later. We are so glad they did, because this material is perfect for products like this! Through their donation we were able to keep ~50 sheets of plywood from the landfills, and that's a huge win in our books.

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