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  • Hand Painted Tote Bag - #13
  • Hand Painted Tote Bag - #13

Hand Painted Tote Bag - #13


Crafted from 100% cotton and upcycled from another tote bag, each of these show-stopping totes is a star in its own right. Flipped inside out, resewn, and adorned with captivating potted plant paintings, they're ready to take the spotlight wherever you go.


But here's your cue – no two bags share the same scene! So if you find one that steals the show, make your move before it exits stage left.


With every carry, you're not just making an entrance; you're supporting sustainable shopping practices. And with our company logo stamped on the back, you're guaranteed a performance of top-notch craftsmanship.


Make your eco-friendly shopping experience a standing ovation by adding our "Plant Life Collection" Hand Painted Tote Bags to your ensemble today!

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