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  • Preserved Vintage German Sheet Music - White Border
  • Preserved Vintage German Sheet Music - White Border

Preserved Vintage German Sheet Music - White Border


This beautfully preserved artwork combines two seperate elements that were set to be thrown out, making the entire peice a landfill rescue. With a thin black frame, protected with a plexi cover and bordered in White, the vintage sheet music shows how legacy materials can prevail in the backs of theatre houses for DECADES before given attention to again. Often times, once they're found, they're discarded to make room for new. The book this music is from was found at Abrons Art Center, amidst a room full of crates of music books set to be thrown out, with prints aging anywhere from modern to over 100 years old! Laicey found this particular sheet music enchanting, and wanted to preserve it further. She treated it, and set it to rest in this frame donated by New World Stages, which was originally used to hold announcements and show notes in their lobby.

  • Material used in this piece came from Abrons Arts Center. Once they heard about what Final Strike does, they immediatly jumped on board! Over the years, they have collected props and pieces of scenery that shows and productions were getting rid of. They gave Final Strike full access to their collection of items before they got rid of them by other means. We gratefully picked out what we could salvage, and elements of that can be found in this piece!

    This piece also features material from New World Stages! The Frames were used  Lobby Displays. Now they proudly display music from times gone by.

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